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Welcome to the CCFG public resources page. This page contains general information about Continuous Cover Forestry and related information from ProSilva Europe and other partner organisations. In addition, CCFG members may access additional resources and information in the Member Area.

Some of the articles and documents that can be downloaded below are in PDF format  . To view these files Adobe Reader is required. The latest free version can be downloaded here. To download the files, right-click on the download link and choose "Save As" to download to your computer. Large files are best downloaded with a broadband connection.

Progress of Adoption of Alternative Silvicultural Systems: an independent review by Scott McGraw Wilson, March 2013

Dr. Wilson's independent review, which received the Scottish Forestry Trust's Cyril Hart Memorial Award in 2013, provides a valuable update to the work undertaken by Cyril Hart OBE almost 20 years earlier (FC bulletin 115).

The project used conventional enquiry methods of literature review, expert and owner/manager discussions, and a programme of rapid-appraisal field visits. It provides a wide-ranging overview of developments to date, and the difficulties encountered, and includes 30 case studies and recommendations for promoting the adoption of ATC.

See report.

Dr Wilson gave a presentation on his research project, at the CCFG National Conference in 2014. View slides in pdf format.

ProSilva Congress, Logarska dolina, Slovinia

20th Anniversary Conference of the founding of ProSilva
24th-27th September 2009

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Conference Presentations PDF [188KB] link
Prof. Jürgen Bauhus
University of Freiburg, Germany
Science for improvement of close-to-nature forestry
PDF [1.8MB] link
Franz-Sales Fröhlich
Forstverwaltung des Kreises Herzogtum Lauenburg
Best practices of close-to-nature forestry and challenges for research
PDF [192KB] link
Prof. J. Bo. Larsen
KLV Denmark
Close to nature forestry, educational outreach and public relations
PDF [2.3MB] link
Thomas Marghescu
IUCN, Brussels
NGO and IUCN stand point on sustainable use of forest resources and linking research and education
PDF [1.8MB] link
Contacts Pro Silva 2009 Franz PDF [56KB] link

ProSilva Congress, Freudenstadt, Germany

Minutes from the 4th Congress (18-21 June 2008) are included here.

ProSilva 2008 Minutes download   [114KB]
Resource-friendly Management of Afforested Water Basins download   [3.52MB]
ProSilva Europe Website

SelectFor Continuous Cover Silviculture and Mensuration


A new silviculture report by Andy Poore has been published. The report provides comprehensive information about silvicultural systems and mensuration at Stourhead (Western) Estate, Wiltshire. A download version of the report is available here.

Poore, A. (2007). Continuous cover silviculture and mensuration in mixed conifers at the Stourhead (Western) estate, Wiltshire, UK. SelectFor Ltd., Dorset. 39 pp.
download   [1.1MB]