CCFG England Field Visit and joint BES Seminar – Biodiversity Effects of ‘Irregular’ Silviculture in Native Woodland (April 2017)

CCFG Event


05-06 April 2017

Location: The Rushmore Estate, Wiltshire/Dorset borders.


This seminar brought together researchers, forestry practitioners, ecologists and policy makers to explore the results of a major research project into the interrelationship between forest structure, management and biodiversity in native semi-natural woodland. Please find below presentations from the following key speakers:-

Andy Poore – A Background to the Rushmore Biodiversity Project (PDF, 26 MB)

Danny Alder – Responses of Birds and Bats to differences in stand management (PDF, 7.5 MB)

Rob Fuller – Forest Structure and Biodiversity (PDF, 25 MB)

Dr Phil Sterling – The Effects of different woodland stand structures and management on Lepidoptera (PDF, 19 MB)

Danny Alder – Implications of transformation to irregular silviculture for woodland birds (PDF, 5.7 MB)