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Pro Silva Europe Conference

The chairman of CCFG, Philippe Morgan, attended the Pro Silva Europe conference in Logarska Dolina, Slovenia, along with Rik Pakenham and Jim Ralph, held in commemoration of the signing of the declaration of Robanov Kot 20 years ago, marking the founding of the organisation that promotes greater understanding of Close to Nature forest management in Europe. Pro Silva now has 24 national member organisations adhering to the group; Rodney Helliwell is one of the original signatories to the declaration and CCFG one of the original national groups. CCFG gratefully acknowledge the help of Woodland Heritage in attending this important event.

Scottish Visit to Glenmore

Despite torrential rain the Scottish visit to Glenmore was very well attended, and provoked much interest in the issues of converting older stands of Scots Pine to CCF, and managing a Forest Park to satisfy the conflicting demands of commercial use, biodiversity and recreation.

CCFG Conference   
Llanidloes, Wales
Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Silvicultural Systems for Tomorrow!


This study day focused on silvicultural systems that have application in Wales, and more generally in woodlands of the UK. Policy and social dimensions of new technical developments in silviculture were also highlighted.


  • The Wales Woodland Strategy Review, taking place in 2008, will raise opportunities to further progress the principles of multi-functional and ‘close to nature’ forests.
  • The emphasis for forestry in Wales is to provide woodlands that sustain economic, environmental and social values for current and future generations.
  • New forestry practices must be developed and tested to create a strong, self-sustaining natural resources sector in Wales.
  • The general public in Wales need to be assured that their forests can fulfil their stated wishes and are “fit for purpose”.
  • Technical and scientific information needs to be highlighted to aid practitioners.

Objectives of The Workshop:

  1. To review the major silvicultural systems that have potential application in Wales, and those likely to meet the requirements of the Wales Woodland Strategy.
  2. To highlight operational best practice for taking forward alternative silvicultural systems to clear-felling and systems that transform forest stands from an even-aged to irregular structure.
  3. To review policy and social dimensions that influence silvicultural practice and the choice of silvicultural systems.
  4. To discuss opportunities and constraints for wider adoption of CCF silvicultural systems, with an emphasis on conditions in Wales.

The programme included presentations by leading experts in silviculture, forest policy and social science.



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Gary Kerr (Forest Research)
Silvicultural Systems

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Arne Pommerening (Bangor University)
Best Practice


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Anna Lawrence (Forest Research)
Social Dimensions

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CCFG would like to acknowledge Jim Ralph for organising this event. Thanks, Jim!

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