Newsletter 12 – January 1998

CCFG Event
Welcome to the twelfth issue of the Continuous Cover Forestry Group Newsletter, containing details on the visit to Finland in June 1998, the mid-Wales meeting and a report on the IUFRO workshop and field tour in Oregon.


  1. CCFG and its Committee
  2. Visit to Finland, June 1998
  3. Meeting in mid-Wales, July 1998
  4. Report on meeting at Glendye and Banchory, October 1997
  5. Booklet on transformation of even-aged plantations to continuous cover
  6. Report on study tour in France and Belgium
  7. Report on 1997 practical workshops
  8. Management of small woods
  9. The role of light in natural regeneration
  10. Report on IUFRO workshop and field tour, Oregon 1997
  11. Workshop on spruce monocultures, Brno, June 1998
  12. Target diameter management

Download: CCFG Newsletter 12 (6.0 MB )