CCFG will be hosting their next webinar: Applying CCF in Lowland Broadleaved Woods – with Andy Poore (SelectFor) 28th October 2021 4pm – 5pm

This online event is hosted by CCFG featuring Andy Poore who will deliver a 30 minute presentation on this topic. This will be followed by a question and answer session for participants.



Andy acts as a manager and consultant for a number of large private estates in South West England and other public and commercial clients. He is particularly experienced in managing sites with high nature conservation and heritage values. Other areas of expertise are broadleaved silviculture, forest economics and mensuration in irregular stands.




If you would like to attend you can book your ticket HERE.

Date: Thursday 23rd September 2021
Location: Darnaway, Scotland
Meeting Time: 10am


Darnaway Forest is in the North of Scotland with the forests managed by Moray Estates. We will be hosted by Ben Clinch the Woodlands Manager. 

Darnaway Forest, owned by the Earl of Moray and was last visited by the CCF Group in 2012. 

This visit will look at the management of broadleaves particularly oak and beech, some of which is on ancient woodland sites, the thinning of Douglas fir and an approach to mensuration of CCF stands. 

The morning will involve a walking tour on forest roads and paths, as well as in the woods, of approximately two miles.

The tour will also involve driving along forest roads.  We are assuming that most people will travel separately.  Our view is that the roads are suitable for ordinary cars but the final decision will be for the drivers.

Bookings are now being taken for this visit.

Contact: For more information or to book your place, contact

CCFG will be hosting their next webinar: Applying CCF on Steep Ground & with Big Trees – with Gareth Browning (Forestry England) 24th June 2021 4pm – 5pm

This online event is hosted by CCFG featuring Gareth Browning who will deliver a 30 minute presentation on this topic. This will be followed by a question and answer session for participants.

Gareth Browning lives with his family in Cockermouth in North West Cumbria and works as a Forester with Forestry England looking after the forests and valleys around Keswick, Cockermouth, and Ennerdale. With over 30 years of working in North Cumbria Gareth has built up much experience in managing forests on steep ground with high public visibility and access to support multiple public benefits. He has experimented with using Continuous Cover techniques on steep ground and with large trees and multi storeys since the mid 1990’s. In addition to his expertise in Continuous Cover Forestry Gareth is a founding partner in Wild Ennerdale, a leading landscape scale rewilding partnership where he has developed expertise in natural process led nature recovery.

Out of his role as a forester Gareth enjoys biking, kayaking, travel and photography and is part of the Leadership team of Christ Church in Cockermouth.


If you would like to attend you can book your ticket HERE.

Date: 29 & 30 Sep 2021



Stourhead (Western) Estate, Stourton, near Mere and the Rushmore Estate on the Wiltshire/Dorset border


THE COST OF THE TWO-DAY COURSE IS £365 excluding VAT (£438 including VAT) PER PERSON.


Marking is a difficult skill to learn, particularly within an unfamiliar discipline such as Irregular Silviculture.

The Courses incorporate a marking exercise in which the trainees, in groups of two, undertake the marking decision process for themselves within a 1 ha stand under transformation and interact with two experienced practitioners. On the completion of the marking exercise, the trees selected for removal by each group are inputted into a spreadsheet which provides a detailed summary of the silvicultural and economic consequences of each marking exercise. These data can be compared between the groups and with the marking of the local manager.

These Courses provide an in-depth introduction to the theory and practical application of irregular silviculture in coniferous and broadleaved stands with the emphasis on lowland forests.

The Courses are designed for 14 trainees and will be led by Andy Poore and David Pengelly, both leading exponents of Continuous Cover Forest Management.


Woodland Heritage will be offering bursaries on a case by case basis. Please contact Kelly Morss of Woodland Heritage on 01242 467356,

Woodland Heritage will be supporting no more than two attendees per running of the course in the future and so applicants may face competition for their possible bursary, therefore early applications are advised. It should be noted that a condition of this support is the submission of a report following the Course to Woodland Heritage.

Members of Confor could consider applying for assistance to their Education & Provident Fund (

Contact: For more information or to book please contact David Pengelly at SelectFor:

CCFG Event

Date: Friday 17th September 2021
Location: Kyloe Estate, Northumberland
Meeting Time: 09:45am


Kyloe is a private estate in Northumberland with the forests managed by Scottish Woodlands. We will be hosted by Arran Smith the local manager. The estate was last visited by CCFG in 2006. The woods are managed under CCF with regular interventions, natural regeneration and under-planting.

Parking will be at the old sawmill where we will meet to eliminate the need for any car sharing.

The route from Fenwick village to the forest will be sign posted (½ mile).

The postcode for Fenwick is TD15 2PQ and the grid reference is NU066401. There will be signs for the Sawmill from the village. 

We advise you to bring a packed lunch and clothing to suit any weather we may encounter.

Contact: This event is fully booked however if you would like to be added to our reserve list in case of cancellations please contact

CCFG Event

Date: 9th July 2021
Location: Online


Pro Silva will host their AGM online 9th July 2021


“Forest in Luxembourg – future challenges for ecosystem services”

The planned in person excursion is postponed until 2022 –

The excursion days will lead to forest around the City of Luxembourg focusing on the themes of : –

  •  Urban forestry – Luxembourg City forest “Baambësch
  •  Forestry and water protection – North of Luxembourg “Burfelt
  •  Forestry and tourism – East of Luxembourg “Mellerdall
  •  Forestry and nature conservation – South of Luxembourg, Natural reserve “Prënzebierg Giele Botter
  •  Climate change and risk management – West of Luxembourg “Härebësch” SES Koerich
Contact: For more information contact

CCFG Event

Date: 20 September 2018
Location: Tavistock Woodland Estate and the Bradford-Hutt System

Description: This visit is set in Southwest England and is being hosted by Tavistock Woodlands Estate.  The day will give an in-depth look at the Bradford-Hutt system for transforming even-aged stands to continuous cover management.
Contact: For more information see the flyer or contact to book your place.