ThinkForest webinar on Closer to Nature Forest Management – recording Available

In case you missed the event or want to watch it again, a recording of the event is now available on Youtube.

A presentation on the study ‘Closer to Nature Forest Management’ held in the event by Prof. Jørgen Bo Larsen is available here.


The ThinkForest event asks:

• What are the current pressures on forest biodiversity in managed forests as well as on forests’ health and resilience?

• What kind of existing nature-based forest management approaches are there – and what is their ability to support biodiversity, stability and adaptability to uncertain future conditions?

• What could be the guiding principles and framework for flexible European-wide implementation of Closer-to-Nature Forest Management?

• What are the barriers and opportunities for its implementation?

CCFG Event

Date: 14-17 June 2022
Location: Luxembourg


The next Annual Meeting of Pro Silva will be in Luxembourg from 14th to 17th June 2022, after an unfortunate delay of two years.  Pro Silva Luxembourg will offer a comprehensive excursion program with specific topics and have also invited special guests to support the thematic discussion. The detailed program and the registration link will be published here:

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