Date: Thursday 23rd September 2021
Location: Darnaway, Scotland
Meeting Time: 10am


Darnaway Forest is in the North of Scotland with the forests managed by Moray Estates. We will be hosted by Ben Clinch the Woodlands Manager. 

Darnaway Forest, owned by the Earl of Moray and was last visited by the CCF Group in 2012. 

This visit will look at the management of broadleaves particularly oak and beech, some of which is on ancient woodland sites, the thinning of Douglas fir and an approach to mensuration of CCF stands. 

The morning will involve a walking tour on forest roads and paths, as well as in the woods, of approximately two miles.

The tour will also involve driving along forest roads.  We are assuming that most people will travel separately.  Our view is that the roads are suitable for ordinary cars but the final decision will be for the drivers.

Bookings are now being taken for this visit.

Contact: For more information or to book your place, contact