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We have a wide range of resources which are free to access for our members within the members area section of our website. Our resources include a range of relevant publications and research papers, several bibliographies including an updated version published in 2018 and our newsletters dating back to 1992.

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Useful Links

Partners & Affiliates:



  • Forestry commission – link
  • Forestry England – link
  • Scottish Forestry – link
  • Forest and Land Scotland – link
  • Natural Resources Wales – link
  • Office for National Statistics (Woodland natural capital accounts) – link
  • Forest Research – link
    • See also Forest Research continuous cover silviculture pages –link



  • Institute of Chartered Foresters – link
  • Confederation of Forest Industries (UK) Ltd (Confor) – link


Forestry Societies:

  • Royal Forestry Society – link
  • Royal Scottish Forestry Society – link


Natural Resources, Conservation & Woodland Management:

  • Coed Cymru (Welsh Woodlands and Timber) – link
  • Natur Cymru – link
  • Scottish Forestry Native Woodlands – link
  • Small Woods – link
  • Woodland Trust – link
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – link
  • WoodNet – Woodland owners/users advisory partnership – link
  • Woodlots – Woodland owner’s magazine – link
  • Wye Valley Forest & Wildlife Protection Group (Facebook Page) – link


Education & Research:

  • Scottish School of Forestry – link
  • Institute of Science and Environment, University of Cumbria – link
  • Centre for Sustainable Forests and Landscapes, University of Edinburgh – link
  • School of Natural Sciences, Bangor University – link
  • Centre for Timber Engineering, Napier University – link
  • Institute of Silviculture, University of Freiburg – link
  • European Forest Institute – link
  • European Forest Genetic Resources Programme – link
  • Future Trees Trust – link
  • Sylva Foundation – link


YouTube Videos relevant to CCF:

  • Sitka Spruce – Tree identification, Forestry Management and use  – link
  • ProSilva Regeneration Webinar – link
  • Penobscot Experimental Forest – Silviculture System in USA – link
  • Managing forests for the future: the benefits of close-to-nature forestry – link