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CCFG membership fees are based on type of membership. Please see below for the current Membership Subscription Rates. Fees are paid annually and we encourage all members to pay by Standing Order.

Membership Subscription Rates:

Individual Membership £30 / year
Corporate Membership 2 people £50 / year
3-4 people £75 / year
5-6 people £100 / year
7-10 people £150 / year
large corporations £400 / year
Graduate / Early Career Professional £15 / year (*for up to three years after graduation)
Student Membership free

How to Pay:

We encourage all members to pay by Standing Order. This greatly simplifies annual subscription payments. When you have submitted an electronic membership form our administrator will contact you by email with information about how to complete and send us a Standing Order Form. When we receive your Standing Order Form we will relay your instructions to your bank. Please ensure that all sections of the form are fully completed. It is essential that your Standing Order Form is correctly signed and dated.

If you require further information about becoming a Member of the Continuous Cover Forestry Group please contact