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CCFG Chairman

Bill Mason is the Chair of the CCFG. He lives in Edinburgh where he worked for Forest Research as a silvicultural researcher for several decades.

He has a long-standing interest in using Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) to diversify even-aged plantation forests and attempts to apply these principles in the management of family woodlands in the English Midlands.


CCFG Co-ordinator (England)

John Tewson is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Foresters, and prior to retirement was Head of Forestry and Land Management for Forestry England.

He has been a long standing advocate for CCF, particularly in the progression of 20th Century conifer plantations to rich, highly productive, species diverse forests.
He believes that on many sites the use of CCF, instead of clearfelling and restocking, would provide added visual amenity, added conservation benefits, and an overall increase in site productivity.

CCFG Co-ordinator (Wales)

Alec Dauncey is a Forestry Lecturer at Bangor University and also owns a spruce woodland in transformation to CCF. Forestry trips to mainland Europe in the 1990s opened his eyes to the potential for transformation of British forests.

He previously worked for the Forestry Commission as a Forest District Manager, (pushing the limits of CCF in design plans!) and as a policy officer in Cardiff and Whitehall. He lives in Aberystwyth.


CCFG Co-ordinator (Scotland)

Chris Tracey is based in Fort William as a forest planning manager for Forestry and Land Scotland.  She has previously worked for Forestry Commission in Yorkshire, the south of Scotland and Argyll in both District and Conservancy roles.

Her main experience of CCF was as a District Forester in the Scottish Borders and the Tweed Valley and through CCFG.



CCFG Treasurer

Solange Montero Terry has an educational background in forestry overseas and recently finished studies at Bangor University, MSc Forestry. Solange wishes to put into the role as a treasurer her passion for sustainability, and to improve the finances of the group.

Solange firmly believes that CCF could be implemented successfully in many parts of the UK and is looking forward to contributing to the group’s impact.


CCFG Administrator

Polly Spencer-Vellacott is the Administrator for CCFG and is based in Perthshire in Scotland. Polly began her interest in forestry while studying at Bangor University. She enjoys botany and spending time outdoors walking, running and cycling on her own or with her family and dog! 

Polly can be contacted via e-mail


ProSilva Representative

Jonathan Hulson is the ProSilva Representative. Jonathan works on landscape scale conservation projects at North Wales Wildlife Trust. Jonathan is passionate about sustainable land management, he has worked for the Global Species Programme at IUCN and as a facilitator for the Welsh Government Sustainable Management Scheme.

He provides communications support between ProSilva in Europe and CCFG in the UK.