Types of Membership

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CCFG currently has four different types of membership based on the current stage of your career. If you have any queries regarding membership or joining CCFG, please contact our administrator for assistance.

Individual Membership:

  • Individual membership for one person is available to anyone who wishes to enjoy the full membership benefits.

Corporate Membership:

  • A corporate subscription will enable several colleagues/employees to enjoy all the benefits of individual membership at a slightly reduced rate. They are based on the number of woodland officers/ managers/ land owners who would make use of the subscription.
  • The subscription rate is dependent on the number of people an organization would like register. See the rates table on the How to Pay page for details.

Graduate / Early Career Professional:

  • Graduate / Early Career Professional membership is available to individuals for up to three years after the completion of relevant studies. Evidence of graduation in the relevant studies is required.

Student Membership:

  • There is no charge for registered, full-time students at college or university. CCFG is dedicated to training and education, and strongly encourages all forestry students (and others engaged in natural resources) to participate fully in our activities and events.