• CCFG GB Committee

    CCFG GB Committee:

    • Chairman: Bill Mason
    • Co-ordinator (Scotland): Christina Tracey
    • Co-ordinator (England): John Tewson
    • Co-ordinator (Wales): Alec Dauncey
    • Treasurer: Jim Ralph
    • Administrator (ex-officio): Mandy Clinch
  • CCFG Wales Committee

    CCFG Wales Committee:

    • Alec Dauncey (CCFG Wales Co-ordinator) (Bangor University)
    • Jim Ralph (NRW)
    • Phil Morgan (SelectFor)
    • Owen Davies (FSC UK)
    • Jonathan Hulson (North Wales Wildlife Trust)
    • James Walmsley (Bangor University)
  • CCFG Scotland Committee

    CCFG Scotland Committee:

    • Christina Tracey (CCFG Scotland Co-ordinator) (Forestry and Land Scotland)
    • Jim Colchester (Buccleuch Estate)
    • Charlie Taylor (Forestry and Land Scotland)
    • Hazel Cowan (Cawdor Forestry Ltd)
    • Martin Price (Forestry and Land Scotland)
    • Bill Mason (also CCFG Chair) (Senior Silviculturist (Emeritus), Forest Research)
  • CCFG England Committee

    CCFG England Committee:

    • John Tewson (CCFG England Co-ordinator)
    • Gary Kerr (Forest Research)
    • Andy Poore (SelectFor Ltd)
    • Rik Pakenham (Salix Forestry Ltd)
    • Mike Seville (Country Land and Business Association Ltd)
    • Gareth Browning (Forestry England)
    • Stephen Smith (Forestry England)

*For all enquiries, please contact the CCFG Administrator.

Please note the Administrator’s usual working days are Thursdays and Fridays so we may not always respond to your emails immediately.