Benefits of Joining CCFG

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CCFG is a friendly, dynamic, member-driven group with an interest in silviculture and sustainable forestry. We welcome new members who share our values and who would like to apply new techniques in the management of forests. CCFG offers an exciting range of member and non-member benefits.


Member Benefits:

  • A full programme of field meetings and workshops, held in all regions of Britain and in a wide range of woodland types
  • Two newsletters each year, available in pdf format in the members area of the website. Here is a taster of a previous CCFG Newsletter from February 2020:
  1. Chairs Report – Bill Mason
    Download (229 KB )
  2. England Visit to Thetford – Cameron Williams & John Tewson
    Download (911 KB )
  3. Scotland Visit to Craigvinean – Chris Tracey
    Download (1,487 KB )
  4. Wales Visit to St Pierre’s Great Wood – Laura Shewring & Phil Morgan
    Download (1,556 KB )
  5. Pro Silva Europe 2019 AGM to Slovenia – Will Baxter & Chris Tracey
    Download (3,659 KB )
  6. CCF in Ohio – Jim Gresh & Ed Romano
    Download (1,312 KB )
  7. CCF in Ireland – Edward Wilson, Padraig O’Tuama & Jonathan Spazzi
    Download (1,267 KB )
  8. Lessons from Implementing CCF at Wykeham – Jon Bates & Graham Jackson
    Download (1,491 KB )
  9. CCFG Events 2020
    Download (258 KB )
  10. Committee Members 2020
    Download (167 KB )
  11. Welcome to New Members
    Download (157 KB )
  12. Bits & Pieces
    Download (209 KB )
  • Periodic email news updates with the latest information on meetings, workshops and other developments within CCFG
  • Access to a Members section on the website, containing archival information, useful tools, downloads, previous editions of CCFG newsletter and CCF Bibliographies referencing relevant publications
  • Free attendance on field visits and reduced fees for events.
  • Overseas study tours
  • An opportunity to participate in ProSilva Europe conferences and events

Non-Member Benefits:

  • Free access to the website for information regarding events, seminars and practical workshops
  • An opportunity to attend field meetings as a Guest for £15
  • Access to a range of publications and weblinks relevant to forestry and CCF, and a list of CCF Consultants/Practitioners