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The main objective of the Continuous Cover Forestry Group is to promote the transformation of even-aged plantations to structurally, visually and biologically diverse forests, in which sustainable production of quality timber is undertaken with the application of the principles of continuous cover management. Continuous Cover Forestry or Close to Nature Forest Management produces forests where a permanent growing stock is maintained and where increment is removed in cyclical interventions.

The Group was inaugurated following a meeting at Longleat on 13 March 1991, and since that time has sought to increase awareness by providing information and training on the methods and application of the low impact silvicultural systems required in CCF management.

For more information on CCFG; who we are, what we do, what CCF is and what are the benefits, see our leaflet.

The Group welcomes the Membership of any interested individuals or organisations. The Group offers the following benefits to its members:

  • An annual programme of UK site visits
  • Overseas study tours
  • An informative newsletter, downloaded from the website
  • Practical workshops
  • Networking within UK and overseas, and source of practical experience