CCFG Event
Date: Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th October, 2016

Location: Stourhead (Weston) Estate

Description: This two day course held at Stourhead (Weston) Estate, Stourton, near Mere and the Rushmore Estate on the Wiltshire/Dorest border is offered by SelectFor Ltd. The course provides an in-depth introduction to the theory and practical application of irregular silviculture in coniferous and broadleaved stands with the emphasis on lowland forests. The course is designed for 14 trainees and will be led by Andy Poore and David Pengelly. The two day course costs £330+VAT per person. For further details see the attached booking form (  PDF, 80 KB) or contact David Pengelly.

CCFG Event
Date: Friday 30th September, 2016

Location: Bryn Arau Duon

Description: The Wales visit was to Bryn Arau Duon managed by Phil Morgan and Huw Denman. Bryn Arau Duon is a fascinating example of how the principles of continuous cover forestry can be applied in what most British foresters would normally consider to be clearfelling territory; an upland, even-aged Sitka spruce plantation. CCFG last visited Bryn Arau Duon in 2009. A full report will be available in due course.

Follow the links below for resources and the discussion topics:

CCFG Event
Date: Thursday 29th September, 2016

Location: The Castle Hotel, Llandovery

Description: We celebrated CCFG’s 25th anniversary with an evening dinner at The Castel Hotel in Llandovery. Guest speakers, Philippe Morgan, President of Pro Silva Europe and Jurij Diaci of the University of Ljubljana discussed the challenges of the next 25 years. See the presentation (  PDF, 4 MB) delivered by Jurij Diaci and the presentation (  PDF, 2 MB) delivered by Phil Morgan.

CCFG Event
Date: Thursday 8 September, 2016

Location: Glenbranter Forest, Cowal

Description: This meeting was held in Glenbranter Forest, Cowal and involved visits to some of the finest stands of old conifers in the British Isles. The morning was spent at Pucks Glen, the afternoon at Dukes Wood and the roundup at Ritual Grove. A full report will be available in due course.

CCFG Event
Date: Thursday 2 June, 2016

Location: The Weasenham Estate & Sennowe Park, Norfolk

Description: The 2016 England Field Visit was held on Thursday the 2nd of June 2016 in Norfolk. The morning was spent at Weasenham Estate courtesy of Toby Coke and the afternoon was at Sennowe Park courtesy of Tom Cook with picnic lunch at Sennowe Park. An extract of a case study (  PDF, 500 KB) produced by Scott Wilson has been kindly provided to give some initial insights. A report will be made available in due course.

CCFG Event
Date: May to July, 2016

Details: (FC course ref. 3.48B CCF 2 -Silviculture)

Description: The Forestry Commission courses for 2016 are as follows:
  • 24 & 25th May 2016 – Lyndhurst
  • 26 & 27th May 2016 – Lyndhurst
  • 7 & 8th June 2016 – Ruthin
  • 9 & 10th June 2016 – Ruthin
  • 5 & 6th July 2016 – Aboyne
  • 7 & 8th July 2016 – Aboyne

The courses will be led by Jens Haufe. For bookings or enquiries please contact Katrina Gardner.

Full details are provided in the attached flyer (  PDF, 65 KB) including details for FC course ref. 3.48 CCF 1 – Late Transformation and FC course ref. 3.48C CCF 3 – Operations. All courses are open to external participants provided spaces are available but please note that modules 3.48 and 3.48C are primarily designed for FC staff and the FC reserve the right to cancel external bookings if more places are required for FC staff.