The International Association for Landscape Ecology Online Conference takes place

 7th – 8th of September 2021 

It is increasingly recognised that forests, woodlands and trees provide societal benefits and nature-based solutions to wicked problems, including the climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis. This international conference will explore how landscape ecology can inform the expansion and restoration of forests, woodlands and trees to secure these public benefits into the future.  

This conference aims to bring together people with relevant expertise from across science, policy, conservation and industry, to learn from each other, and identify ways in which landscape ecology can support ambitious policy targets, including those for woodland expansion, greenhouse gas reduction, biodiversity conservation, commercial viability, and sustainable development goals.

The provisional programme for this year’s conference includes 37 talks, with key notes by Jo Pike (CEO of the Scottish Wildlife Trust); Jenny Hodgeson (conservation biologist at the Liverpool University); Sallie Bailey (deputy chief scientific advisor at Scottish Government) and Jon Stokes (director of Trees, Science & Research at The Tree Council).

A third of the talks are by non-academic experts from conservations NGOs (Woodland Trust, RSPB), Government agencies (NatureScot, Natural England), and other organisations with an interest treescapes including Galbraith and the National Forest Company.

This multidisciplinary conference will appeal to anyone with an interest in the protection, planning and management of trees and forested landscapes, including researchers, policymakers, and foresters and conservation practitioners. We are seeking contributions that provide insight, potential solutions, and examples of action on the ground.

An online conference

Registration is now open the ialeUK conference is fully online. The registartion fee for online attendance ialeUK members is just £10. The non-member fee is £55, making it attractive to join ialeUK.

The conference is hosted by The Edinburgh University Centre for Sustainable Landscapes and Forests

6th – 8th of July 2021 

Treescapes2021 is a unique event being led by early career researchers from a number of UK universities and disciplines to stimulate conversations between the research and woodland practitioner communities. We aim to capture the priorities and concerns of stakeholders and to influence future research agendas and practices.

Our national treescapes are facing immense challenges from climate change, pests and diseases. Research shapes our understanding and provides insights that can inform best practices – it underpins action, but it is not action. Its real-world impact relies on swift inclusion into policy and adoption by managers and practitioners. 

This conference is for all those carrying out research allied to forestry, woodland, urban and other treescapes, for those managing woods and trees and for those interested in learning about the latest forestry and forestry-related research.

The conference will be hosted online and take place during the 6th, 7th and 8th of July 2021.

To find out more or to register please visit the Treescapes event HERE