Date: 29 & 30 Sep 2021



Stourhead (Western) Estate, Stourton, near Mere and the Rushmore Estate on the Wiltshire/Dorset border


THE COST OF THE TWO-DAY COURSE IS £365 excluding VAT (£438 including VAT) PER PERSON.


Marking is a difficult skill to learn, particularly within an unfamiliar discipline such as Irregular Silviculture.

The Courses incorporate a marking exercise in which the trainees, in groups of two, undertake the marking decision process for themselves within a 1 ha stand under transformation and interact with two experienced practitioners. On the completion of the marking exercise, the trees selected for removal by each group are inputted into a spreadsheet which provides a detailed summary of the silvicultural and economic consequences of each marking exercise. These data can be compared between the groups and with the marking of the local manager.

These Courses provide an in-depth introduction to the theory and practical application of irregular silviculture in coniferous and broadleaved stands with the emphasis on lowland forests.

The Courses are designed for 14 trainees and will be led by Andy Poore and David Pengelly, both leading exponents of Continuous Cover Forest Management.


Woodland Heritage will be offering bursaries on a case by case basis. Please contact Kelly Morss of Woodland Heritage on 01242 467356,

Woodland Heritage will be supporting no more than two attendees per running of the course in the future and so applicants may face competition for their possible bursary, therefore early applications are advised. It should be noted that a condition of this support is the submission of a report following the Course to Woodland Heritage.

Members of Confor could consider applying for assistance to their Education & Provident Fund (

Contact: For more information or to book please contact David Pengelly at SelectFor: