Newsletter 25 – December 2005

CCFG Event
Welcome to the twenty-fifth issue of the Continuous Cover Forestry Group Newsletter. This issue contains information on the transformation thinning in Continuous Cover Forestry by Mike Seville as well as a report on the Croatia Pro Silva Conference.


  1. Continuous Cover Management of Oak and Ash Dominated Stands in the Lowland – Andy Poore
  2. Pro Silva Conference: Croatia 2005 – Mike Seville & Rik Pakenham
  3. Long Term Ecological Change in British Woodland (1971-2003) – English Nature & Partners
  4. Ancient Woodland and Planning Policy Statement – Phillip Wilson
  5. Transformation thinning in Continuous Cover Forestry – Mike Seville
  6. Transformation thinning to achieve CCF: An alternative viewpoint- Mark Yorke
  7. Study Tour Report: Switzerland 2005 – Sharon Rodhouse

  8. Download: CCFG Newsletter 25 (760 KB )