Newsletter 26 – July 2007

CCFG Event
Welcome to the twenty-sixth issue of the Continuous Cover Forestry Group Newsletter, containing information on The Tyfiant Coed Project by Sharon Rodhouse as well as details on the Pro Silva visit to Mount Callan.


  1. Sticking Your Head Out – the Social Status of Trees and Wind Risk, by Jens Haufe
  2. Towards a Consistent Terminology for CCF, by Mark Yorke
  3. The Tyfiant Coed Project, by Sharon Rodhouse
  4. Anagach and Curr Woods, by Colin Edwards
  5. ProSilva Ireland Visit to Mount Callan, by Andy Poore
  6. ProSilva Europe Meeting in Ireland, by Andy Poore
  7. News of CCFG events
  8. News of other CCF events
  9. Recent publications and web sites of interest
  10. and more …

  11. Download: CCFG Newsletter 26 (780 KB )