Newsletter 31 – February 2011

CCFG Event
Welcome to the thirty-first issue of the Continuous Cover Forestry Group Newsletter, containing a detailed discussion on the factors affected by the quality of light in woodlands as well as a review of both the CCFG’s Timber Harvesting workshop and the visit to Romania.


  1. ‘This cut could cost money” – Phil Morgan gives his views on recent proposals to sell off the English state forests
  2. ‘The Marteloscope: a training aid for ccf management’ – Andy Poore
  3. Quality of Light in Woodlands – Rodney Helliwell
  4. Review of the CCFG Timber Harvesting Workshop – Duncan Ireland
  5. Reviews of the CCFG visit to Romania – Claire Wightman and Saskia Wischnewski
  6. Reviews of 2010 site visits to Wakefield Lodge, Beecraigs Country Park and Callendar Woods and Edistone, Coed Caeau-gwynedd.

  7. Download: CCFG Newsletter 31 (2.0 MB )