Newsletter 33 – Spring 2013

CCFG Event
Welcome to the thirty-third issue of the Continuous Cover Forestry Group Newsletter. This year we are publishing the newsletter as a series of separate pdfs. We hope it will make it easier for you to dip in and out of the newsletter and pick out articles of particular interest. It will also enable us to include more and better quality images without ending up with a large, unwieldy document.


  1. Contents Page
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  2. Chairman’s report – Bill Mason
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  3. Events – CCFG 2013 AGM and site visits – plans for a CCFG conference on monitoring/resilient woodlands in 2014 – Selectfor CCF training days, Autumn 2013 – other events.
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  4. Oak woods of the Sarthe Region of France – a review of the 2012 Pro Silva conference and site visits – Martin Price and James Walmsley
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  5. News from Pro Silva, and Phil Morgan’s recent speech to the AFI – at their conference in Burgundy in November 2012, as incoming president of Pro Silva and vice president of the AFI (Association Futaie Irrégulière)
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  6. Continuous Cover Forestry in Burgundy – a report on the AFI (Association Futaie Irrégulière) conference and field exercise using the marteloscope, November 2012 (Phil Roe)
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  7. The Marteloscope – a briefing note on the martelosope as a training aid to improve marking skills in continuous cover silviculture (Andy Poore)
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  8. Horse Extraction in CCF – using horse extraction to accumulate produce for onward movement by mechanised forwarder can benefit low impact woodland areas (Billy Anderson and Duncan Ireland)
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  9. Site visit to Morton Hall and Thoresby Estate – Sebastian Austin
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  10. Site visit to Cawdor and Darnaway Estates – Colin Edwards and Yvonne Greive
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  11. Site visit to Cwm Berwyn – Claire Wightman
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  12. Obituary to a Great European Forester – Brice de Turckheim, founding member and the first President of Pro Silva Europe.
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  13. Bits and Pieces – small news items -work experience/summer placement required – review of adoption of alternative silvicultural systems in GB – wood storage art – welcome to new members – CCFG Committee members.
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