Presentation – Bringing it all Together: Review and Overview of the Forest Circuits


Bill Mason

Bill Mason
CCFG Chairman
And Senior Silviculturist (Emeritus)
Forest Research
NRS, Roslin
Midlothian, EH25 9SY


After four years as a forest manager, since 1982 I have been a silvicultural researcher based at the Northern Research Station near Edinburgh. After a period working on nursery production systems, my interests widened to cover many aspects of the silviculture of conifer forests in upland Britain, including transformation to more diverse and irregular structures. Current activity includes analysis of the evidence for the wider use of mixed species stands in British forests. I have been a member of CCFG since the early 1990s and attempt to put CCF into practice in family woodlands in central England.

Synopsis of Presentation:

The conference included site visits to 2 local forests: Thirlmere Forest which is owned by United Utilities plc, and Wythop Wood, managed by the Forestry Commission. At each location delegates followed a circuit which included 4 stops where presentations were given (see programme).

In the final plenary session Bill Mason presented a summary of the key points raised at each stop.

Conference Resource:

  • Download/View Bill Mason’s Presentation  [PDF, 800 KB]


  1. The AFI Network and Protocol: developing an International Framework to monitor CCF in Great Britain and Ireland. Notes from the presentation given by Phil Morgan (President, Pro Silva) and Mark and Sharon Rodhouse (Sylvatic Ltd) at Stop 3, Thirlmere Forest. Link to PDF  [PDF, 5.1 MB]


  2. Thirlmere Forest – Continuous Cover Demonstration Site Guide. Link to PDF  [PDF, 3.3 MB]
  3. Wythop Forest – Continuous Cover Demonstration Site Guide. Link to PDF  [PDF, 3.8 MB]