Presentation – Optimising Stand Development and Economic Performance in Irregular Stands


Andy Poore

Andy Poore
The Old Dairy
North Bowood
Bridport, Dorset, DT6 5JH


Trained in economics at Trinity Hall, Cambridge and forestry at UNCW Bangor, Andy has operated as an independent forest manager and consultant based in South West England since 1984. He is involved in the management of 10,000 acres of varied woodland in Dorset, Wiltshire and Mid Wales. His practice moved away from plantation forestry in the early 1990s and now all the managed woodland follows CCF principles.

Andy is also a Director of SelectFor Ltd which provides specialist consultancy, training and research services in CCF, a founder member of CCFG and a member of the Association de Futaie Irrégulière, a French irregular silviculture research network.

Synopsis of Presentation:

This presentation considers the situation of a private forest manager seeking to define and monitor the stand development of more developed irregular stands in the UK over the last 15 years in a situation where no useable information on stand performance exists, although information is available from irregular stands in Continental Europe.

Further, stand interventions must be organised in an economically optimal way in order to deliver an acceptable financial result for the owner.

The presentation looks at the author’s answers to the following questions:

  • What parameters to monitor?
  • How to focus monitoring effort to deliver cost-effectiveness?
  • How to integrate monitoring results into marking practice in order to progress stand development and in order to produce the best economic result from interventions in the short and longer term?
  • How to calibrate monitoring results from European research?

The presentation will demonstrate that diameter increment is the key parameter to measure and that when combined with other, easily determined parameters, effective silvicultural and economic tools can be produced.

Conference Resource:

  • Download/View Andy Poore’s Presentation  [PDF, 5.3 MB]

Unfortunately Andy Poore was unable to give this talk, and the material was presented instead by his Selectfor colleague, Phil Morgan.


Phil Morgan

Phil Morgan
Plas y Wenallt
Ceredigion, SY23 4AX


Philippe Morgan is President of Pro Silva and Vice-president of the Association Futaie rrégulière. He has a wide range of work and travelling experience from South East Asia to Europe and North America. He manages forests in Wales for a living and also works as a consultant in France and in Ireland. He is a Director of SelectFor, specialists in continuous cover forest management, developing an international network of CCF research stands and training plots across Britain and Ireland.

Websites and References:

  1. Poore A (2007) CCF at Stourhead – Final Report. Continuous Cover Silviculture & Mensuration in Mixed Conifers at the Stourhead (Western) Estate, Wiltshire, UK. Link to PDF  [PDF, 1.1 MB]