CCFG Webinar: Applying CCF in Even-aged Spruce Plantations – 20 May 2021

CCFG will be hosting their next webinar: Applying CCF in Even-aged Spruce Plantations – with Phil Morgan (Sustainable Forest Management and SelectFor) 20th May 2021 4pm – 5pm

This online event is hosted by CCFG featuring Phil Morgan who will deliver a 30 minute presentation on this topic. This will be followed by a question and answer session for participants.

Phil Morgan is one of the leading British experts in continuous cover forestry. He is a director of both Sustainable Forest Management and SelectFor and has been a Fellow of the ICF since 2003. During his career he has worked in the Far East, Europe and North America. He now lives in Wales where his efforts are focused on the transformation of upland coniferous plantations to highly productive mixed continuous cover forests.

He was a previous chairman of CCFG and president of Pro Silva. He is now the vice-president of the AFI and chairman of the Irregular Silviculture Network (ISN). He runs the network of AFI research stands in the UK and Ireland and is developing a network of ISN monitoring plots, forest inventories and marteloscopes in Wales.

If you would like to attend you can book your ticket HERE.

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