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CCFG Event

Date: 17 & 18 April 2019
Location: Stourhead (Western) Estate, Stourton, near Mere and the Rushmore Estate on the Wiltshire/Dorset border

Description: This course provides an in-depth introduction to the theory and practical application of irregular silviculture in coniferous and broadleaved stands with the emphasis on lowland forests. The course is designed for 14 trainees and will be led by Andy Poore and David Pengelly. The two-day course incorporates site visits in irregular coniferous and broadleaved stands and looks in detail at the silviculture of transformation and the monitoring of stand structure and performance. For more information see the flyer (PDF 3MB).
Contact: For more information contact David Pengelly at SelectFor:

CCFG Event

Date: 22 May 2019
Location: The Lake District


This is a return visit to the Forestry Commission’s North Cumbria Forests, previously visited by CCFG in 2014 during the National conference. The area has a long history of conifers, particularly Douglas fir, under CCF management and we will revisit two forests Wythop and Dodd Wood. We will see a variety of CCF thinning regimes and underplanting. We will look at mixed species broadleaf CCF management and on Dodd Wood visit a site where large Douglas fir overstorey and first thinning of the understorey have been carried out by high lead extraction. We will have the benefit of both local staff with many years’ knowledge of the sites and Forest Research during our visit. Detailed information on each site to be visited will be available.

Contact: For more information see the flyer or contact to book your place.

CCFG Event

Date: 19 September 2019
Location: Craigvinean, Dunkeld


The 2019 Scottish CCFG field visit will be hosted by Forest Enterprise Scotland around Craigvinean, Dunkeld. We plan to build the programme around looking at examples of different types of thinning interventions in the developing regeneration e.g. early interventions, the management of more advanced natural regeneration of conifer and broadleaf, crown thinning. More details will be available in due course.

Contact: For more information or to reserve your place, contact

CCFG Event

Date: 25 September 2019
Location: Forestry Commission’s Thetford Forest District


An opportunity to see and discuss some mature research species trials (established as an understorey) and more recent underplanting in diseased and thinned Corsican pine using a far wider range of species than traditionally used in this area. The various underplanting techniques used and the options for future management will make for interesting discussions. More details will be available in due course.

Contact: For more information or to reserve your place, contact

CCFG Event

Welcome to the thirty-ninth issue of the Continuous Cover Forestry Group Newsletter, containing Bill Mason’s Chairs’ report, details of previous CCFG site visits and information on future events.




  1. Chairs Report – Bill Mason
    Download (231 KB )
  2. England Visit to Wykeham – Olly Fielden
    Download (751 KB )
  3. England Visit to Tavistock – Jonathan Tompson
    Download (485 KB )
  4. Scotland Visit to Glen Tanar – Hester Robertson & Claire Wightman
    Download (1.02 MB )
  5. Wales Visit to Coed Nant yr Eira – Graham Gill
    Download (592 KB )
  6. ProSilva AGM Germany, June 2018 – Bill Mason & Owen Davies
    Download (1.427 MB )
  7. Pro Silva Ireland study tour to France, September 2018 – Jonathan Tompson & Nick Hill
    Download (493 KB )
  8. CCF in Finland – Sauli Valkonen
    Download (681 KB )
  9. CCF in North East China – Qiaoling YAN, Jiaojun ZHU
    Download (862 KB )
  10. CCFG Commentary on Scotland’s Forestry Strategy – CCFG
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  11. CCFG Events 2019
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  12. Bits and Pieces
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  13. Committee Members 2019
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  14. Welcome to New Members
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In order to continually improve the benefits of membership to the CCFG, committee member Chris Andrews has prepared a very useful map tool which allows you to visually see on a map all of CCFG’s past field visits. Our members have the option of logging in from this page to be taken directly to the reports available for those visits too. You can find the tool on our Events page.

Based either at Whitney Sawmills in Herefordshire or from home, this new post will be responsible for the smooth running of this small but growing charity (No. 1041611), at the heart of the timber supply chain.

Salary: £8,736 for 14 hours per week (£21,840 per annum fte), plus reasonable expenses and generous holiday allowance for a post with an initial term of two years.

For more details, or for a Job Description, please contact

To apply, please send to the e-mail address above your current CV plus up to 500 words describing the skills, knowledge and experience you would bring to fulfil the needs of the Job Description.

Application deadline: 12 pm (noon) on Friday, 25th January 2019

Short-listed candidates will be invited to interviews to be held on Friday, 1st February in Surrey

Coed Cadw, the Woodland Trust in Wales, is hosting a full-day conference to take in the views from the forestry sector, hear from woodland owners and managers who restore and manage Ancient Woodland plus get an update on support and funding available in Wales for these truly important sites.

Ancient woodland is the richest land habitat of wildlife in the UK but only fragments now remain. These longstanding woodland sites are often threatened by issues such as plantations, over grazing and invasive species and will still contain important woodland features, which through careful management can be safeguarded. With sensitive transformation back to a mix of more native species with a greater diversity in age, these woodlands will become more resilient to other threats such as pests, diseases and climate change, ensuring they survive for future generations and also provide all the varied benefits of a well-functioning woodland ecosystem.

This will be a chance to contribute to an open discussion and debate with practitioners and policy makers around practical and best practice management of degraded Ancient Woodland sites in Wales, chaired by CEO of the Institute of Chartered Foresters Shireen Chambers.

See the flyer for more information on the programme and how to book.