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CCFG Event

Date: 11 October 2019
Location: St Pierre’s Great Wood


This year we will be taking a break from upland Sitka Spruce plantations to visit the extreme South East of Wales and to explore mixed woodland flanking the spectacular Wye Valley. Close to Chepstow, St Pierre’s Great Wood is 107 hectares of mixed plantations on an ancient woodland site, with base-rich soils overlying limestone. Design plan objectives here are to restore semi-natural native woodland via lower impact silvicultural systems, leading ultimately to CCF management, delivering biodiversity, timber and resilient woodland for amenity, conservation and recreation. We are grateful to Natural Resources Wales for agreeing to host us. Please see the flyer for further details.

Contact: For more information or to reserve your place, please contact

CCFG Event

Date: 25 September 2019
Location: Forestry Commission’s Thetford Forest District


This field visit to Thetford is a fantastic opportunity to see and discuss some mature research species trials (established as an understorey). You will also see more recent underplanting in diseased and thinned Corsican pine using a far wider range of species than traditionally used in this area. The various underplanting techniques used at Thetford and the options for future management, will make for interesting discussions. Please see the flyer for further details.

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CCFG Event

Date: Thursday 28th November 2019
Location: Telephone conference


The 2019 AGM has been postponed and re-scheduled to Thursday 28th November 2019 at 3pm.

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The RSFS Monitor Woods Scheme and its data management programme ‘Canopy’ are designed to provide a unique research and learning resource across the forestry sector and for the wider public. The principle objective is to facilitate access to good practice in forestry and to encourage more and better managed woods to deliver an optimum range of multiple benefits for public and private good.

Simon will use his extensive forestry and environmental knowledge and facilitation skills gained during his career to date in both temperate and tropical forestry to plan, lead and execute a development strategy to promote the adoption of the Monitor Wood Scheme across Scotland’s forest sector; State, Private and Voluntary, with visits to assess and recruit suitable Monitor Woods.

Simon will also be responsible for data management, ensuring appropriate dissemination of information and learning, through provision and maintenance of Canopy, the scheme’s publicly accessible online data resource.

More information about the Monitor Woods Sceme will be appearing on the societies website
Simon can be contacted at

International silvicultural expert and Chair of the Continuous Cover Forestry Group, Bill Mason, is to deliver a talk called ‘Transforming British Forests through Continuous Cover Forestry’ at Bangor University on Thursday, 28th March 2019 starting at 6.30pm.

Organised by Bangor Forestry Students Association (BFSA) and Woodland Heritage in collaboration with the Continuous Cover Forestry Group (CCFG), this will be the first time in nearly 15 years that Bill Mason has spoken at Bangor University.

“As an alumnus of the University and a long-time proponent of alternative silvicultural systems, BFSA was really keen to invite Bill to speak”, said BFSA President and Woodland Heritage Ambassador, Sarah Ellis.  “CCF is an integral part of the University’s forestry degree courses, one of a number of various approaches to silvicultural management that we’re encouraged to consider.  There are also a huge range of different definitions banded about, so this talk by Bill Mason will undoubtedly be both informative and inspirational”.

Chair of CCFG for nearly seven years and long-serving silvicultural researcher, Bill Mason said:

“Many field meetings reported in forestry society journals today include an account of a visit to stands that are being identified for management under a CCF regime.  However, despite this welcome recognition of the potential role of CCF in British forestry, recent surveys have suggested that perhaps only 10 per cent of British forests are being actively managed using CCF silvicultural systems.

So, there remains a major issue of translating the increased interest and awareness of CCF into practical actions that will transform our forests into the mixed species and varied structures that are envisaged by forest policies across Great Britain.  Thanks to the interest shown though by the next generation of foresters, such as the students at Bangor University, I remain hopeful that CCF has a bright future and that CCF will be adopted ever more widely.”

Bill Mason’s talk is open to all and for more information, please contact Sarah Ellis via

CCFG Event

Date: 19 September 2019
Location: Craigvinean, Dunkeld


The 2019 Scottish CCFG field visit will be hosted by Forest Enterprise Scotland around Craigvinean, Dunkeld. We plan to build the programme around looking at examples of different types of thinning interventions in the developing regeneration e.g. early interventions, the management of more advanced natural regeneration of conifer and broadleaf, crown thinning. See the flyer for further details.

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CCFG Event


6 to 9 June 2019

Location: Italy – North West Italy, Piedmont Alps


We are delighted to announce that we plan to run a foreign study tour to Northern Italy from Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th of June this year in conjunction with Pro Silva Ireland.

Hosted by Pro Silva Italy, we will see CCF in practice on steep terrain in different forests of the Piedmont Alps in north-western Italy from a base hotel in Turin.

The tour will cost £225 per person and will include your bus and excursions, accommodation, three breakfasts, three lunches and one evening dinner with local entertainment. You will need to arrange and pay for your own travel and budget for two evening dinners and any refreshments.

Please see the full programme with further information and the booking form.

Deadlines for registrations is Monday 25th March 2019

Please note, we have a maximum of 30 places in total; 15 for CCFG members and 15 for Pro Silva Ireland members so please complete the registration form early to avoid disappointment.

Contact: Contact the CCFG Administrator if you would like to attend:

CCFG Event

Date: 22 May 2019
Location: The Lake District


This is a return visit to the Forestry Commission’s North Cumbria Forests, previously visited by CCFG in 2014 during the National conference. The area has a long history of conifers, particularly Douglas fir, under CCF management and we will revisit two forests Wythop and Dodd Wood. We will see a variety of CCF thinning regimes and underplanting. We will look at mixed species broadleaf CCF management and on Dodd Wood visit a site where large Douglas fir overstorey and first thinning of the understorey have been carried out by high lead extraction. We will have the benefit of both local staff with many years’ knowledge of the sites and Forest Research during our visit. Detailed information on each site to be visited will be available.

Contact: For more information see the flyer or contact to book your place.