Deer Management – Webinar recording available on YouTube

Deer Management: Threats to CCF principles from deer impacts, monitoring risk, management options and deer management delivery
With David Hooton

Following our most recent successful webinar we have now made a recording available on YouTube for anyone that missed it or would like to revisit: VIEW NOW ON YOUTUBE

National deer populations have increased in range and number over the past 70 years, with at least two species present across much of the country, in some areas 5 of the six species can be found. The impacts that deer have on a wide range of landscape objectives is widely understood as well as the consequent losses of habitat that has an effect on associated fauna and flora is widely understood. Deer need to be managed and this seminar will discuss the challenges with a widely spread deer population and the effect that deer browsing has and some of the solutions and management actions required, alongside monitoring that can be used to support landowners and foresters in managing woodlands and deer populations.

David Hooton Biography

David Hooton works for The Forestry Commission as an area Deer Officer, providing advice on sustainable Wild Deer Management to a wide range of stakeholders in the area, with a particular emphasis on supporting woodland creation applications, woodlands back into management, and venison supply chains alongside general deer management advice to a range of stakeholders. David’s main area of work covers East England and East Midlands.

David studied Game Wildlife and Habitat Management at Sparsholt College, Hampshire and on completing his course in 1992 worked for The Forestry Commission as a Wildlife Ranger managing wild deer at Thetford Forest. In 2003 a two year secondment was offered to work with The Deer Initiative to act as a coordinator for the Deer Vehicle Collisions Project. Project funding was extended allowing David to continue his role with the Deer Initiative and expand his job role to include deer management advice across the East and East Midlands. David worked with a wide range of stakeholders, providing advice on monitoring deer numbers and impacts and developing projects that supported landowners, deer managers and other stakeholders to manage wild deer to meet a wide range of landscape objectives. David joined the Forestry Commission as a Deer Officer in April 2020.

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