England Field Visit – Alice Holt Climate Change Adaptation Trail, Wed 15th Nov 2023

This trail contains seven marked stops and has been designed for forest managers, owners, students and decision-makers to see the area and engage in a discussion about the adaptation actions being undertaken and insights from historical trials.

For more information on the trail please follow this link. 

CCFG is organising this visit in the south-east of England to provide members the opportunity to observe and discuss the methods used and species mixtures in each stop, for example, forest structure changes after tending operations. Also due to the time of the visit Autumn – a winterish forest view which is very different than visiting the site during summer. The differences in weather conditions should assist our understanding of climate change in the area, and its impact on the management of trees of varied sizes and ages. Which is highly relevant under the current climate change situation; for example, in the area there is evidence that species like Oak now comes into leaf nearly a month earlier than it did in the 1950s (www.forestresearch.gov.uk).