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Continuous Cover Forestry Group Constitution

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1. Name

The Organisation shall be known as the Continuous Cover Forestry Group

2. Affiliation

The Group shall be affiliated to Pro Silva, the European equivalent organisation.

3. Objective

To promote structurally, visually and biologically diverse forests and woodlands in which the sustainable production of timber is undertaken through the application of the principles of Continuous Cover Management. The complete aims and objectives of the Group shall be periodically published in the Newsletter.

4. Membership

  4.1 Membership of the Group can be either Corporate or Individual (of which there are several categories – see below);  
  4.2 Corporate members shall be entitled to receive the Newsletter, and up to five persons may vote at the AGM. All members of the organisation may attend meetings;  
  4.3 Individual Membership is available in the following categories:  
    4.3.1 Individual – for one individual at the full annual individual fee;
    4.3.2 Student Membership – for individuals is available at a reduced fee during the period of study for bona fide students registered at a university or college.Evidence of registration must be provided in support of a student membership application;
    4.3.3 Graduate / Early Career Membership – for individuals is available for 3 years after completion of studies or after starting employment in the sector at a reduced fee which will be slightly higher than the student fee. Evidence of graduation must be provided in support of graduated membership;
  4.4 All categories of individual member have the right to vote at the AGM;  
  4.5 Membership of the Group will cease 18 months after the last payment of an annual subscription or upon the receipt of one month’s written notice from the member;  
  4.6 Membership of the Group can be revoked by the Committee and Officers via a vote at Committee meetings provided a two thirds majority of those in attendance vote in favour of revoking a member’s membership;  
  4.7 The Organisation reserves the right to refuse membership.  

5. Officers and Committee

  5.1 The Group will elect a Committee of not more than nine members. There must be at least one member from each of England, Wales and Scotland.  
  5.2 The Committee shall appoint such Officers as are considered necessary, including but not limited to a Treasurer and an Administrator/Secretary, and these officers need not be members of the Committee. Officers will be eligible to vote at Committee meetings.  
  5.3 Officers shall serve for 3 years, but shall be eligible for re-election.  
  5.4 The Chairperson shall be nominated by the Committee and endorsed by the Annual General Meeting.  
  5.5 The Committee shall appoint a Country Coordinator for each of England, Scotland and Wales who will be members of the Committee. These Coordinators will normally be resident in their respective countries.  

6. By Laws

  6.1 The Committee shall have the power to make by laws to govern the activities of the Organisation in the furtherance of its Objective provided that should any such by laws be in conflict with this Constitution then the provision of this constitution shall prevail.  
  6.2 Any by laws introduced by the committee will published in the Newsletter.  

7. Subscriptions

Membership of the Group is conditional on receipt of the annual membership fee, the amount of which will be prescribed at the Annual General Meeting for both Individual and Corporate members for the following year.

8. Accounts

  8.1 The Treasurer will keep accounts and present a financial report by 1st June each year.  
  8.2 A competent person shall audit the accounts, before presentation.  
  8.3 The Committee will recommend the annual membership fee to the AGM to be effective from 1st January the following year.  

9. General Meetings

  9.1 An Annual General Meeting shall be held at such date as determined by the Committee. Notification of that meeting should be given at least one month prior to the AGM.  
  9.2 A simple majority shall determine business at the AGM except changes to the Constitution or membership under clause 4.4 above shall require a two-thirds majority  
  9.3 The Chairperson, Administrator/Secretary and Treasurer will each submit a report at the AGM.  
  9.4 The Committee can call an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time provided it gives the membership at least one month’s notice.  
  9.5 A simple majority shall determine the business at the EGM except changes to the Constitution or membership under clause 4.4 above shall require a two-thirds majority  
  9.6 Minutes of all General Meetings shall be produced by either a member of the Committee or an Officer of the Organisation and such minutes will be published on the Organisation’s website and approved at the subsequent General Meeting.  

10. Meetings

The Committee shall organise or authorise any member to organise such a meeting as considered desirable.

11. Publications

The Committee shall approve such publications that are considered desirable, and which carry the Group’s endorsement.