Applying CCF in Boreal Pine Forests – Webinar recording available on YouTube

Applying CCF in Boreal Pine Forests
With Sauli Valkonen, (Natural Resources Institute of Finland)

Following our fifth successful webinar we have now made a recording available on YouTube for anyone that missed it or would like to revisit: VIEW NOW ON YOUTUBE

Sauli Valkonen lives in Coastal Pernaja near the Finnish capital, Helsinki and he works as a researcher at the Natural Resources Institute of Finland (Luke). For about 20 years, his focus has been on Continuous Cover Forestry, including silvicultural, ecological, and management issues.

The Nordic boreal forests dominated by Norway spruce and Scots pine have been his main playground, with research on CCF conducted in Europe, California and East Africa. He has long-lasting ties to UK forests and forestry, beginning with a student traineeship at Forestry Commission in Wales (Aberystwyth). English football and tea (and the Tube) are dear to his heart.


Please contact Michelle at if you have any questions.

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